634 – I was on a roll

I have some news; some good, some bad.

The Good News: After over 8 years of unemployment, where I was attempting to make a living as a cartoonist, I have taken a job with FEMA, helping survivors of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

The Bad News: Due to the nature of FEMA deployment, I will be working 7 days a week for the foreseeable future, working 10 hours days. Added to that the 1 hour commute on both ends and I will barely have time to sleep, let alone draw and post new MeatShield comics.

What all this adds up to is I need to put MeatShield on hold until roughly January 20, 2018, which is currently the end of my deployment. I apologize to all of you, Patrons and non-Patrons alike, but doing this is the best thing for both my family and the survivors I will be helping.

Thank you all for reading and being there for me. I hope to see you all in about 4 months or so.

Take care.