619 – He said it involved something called a “Flaming Moe?”

So, this is happening…

I’m really excited about the Patreon campaign starting back up, if you can’t tell. However, It dawned on me that some among you might not know all you get by becoming a patron of MeatShield. Here’s a look at the Patreon reward tiers:

Babarian – $1 or more per month
The call of the wild sings through your blood as a Barbarian! You’ll get access to the MeatShield Patreon news feed, with tidbits of news, ramblings and musings! Who doesn’t love ramblings and musings? Other than orcs, that is. That’s a given.

Bard – $2 or more per month
You have a fine appreciation for the arts and have become a Bard! You have earned my thanks and gratitude, access to the MeatShield Patreon news feed, along with your name (or the name of your D&D character) inscribed upon the Patreon Wall of Awesome on the main MeatShield site!

Monk – $5 or more per month
You have centered your chi and become a Monk! As such, you are entitled to not only the previous rewards, but also to view the newest MeatShield comic one day early here on Patreon!

Paladin – $10 or more per month
You have taken up arms to defend the helpless as a Paladin! Such holy might grants you all of the above rewards, plus access to a special Patreon-only sketch blog, updated three times per week!

Archmage – $20 or more per month
The secrets of the multiverse are at your fingertips as an Archmage! This arcane knowledge grants you all of the previous rewards, plus, after four consecutive pledges at this level, a one-time cameo of yourself (or whoever you’d like) in a future MeatShield strip!

MeatShield will always be available to read for free right here, but there is oh so much more available to you as a patron and more rewards to come… as soon as I think of them, that is. I’m open to suggestions!

In the words of Joel Hodgson, “Think about it won’t you? Thank you.”

Take care,