618 – Hush, Lyria’s reading.

After the last strip, this one and the one following it, I think I’ll be done drawing bookshelves for the foreseeable future. 🙂

Lyria is the creation of loyal and longtime MeatShield reader Janessa R. Some among you might remember that I had a Patreon campaign running for about a year. By contributing at different tiers, you got different rewards. At the tier Janessa contributed at, she was rewarded with the ability to have either herself, someone she knows, or a character of her own creation make a cameo appearance in the strip! Ergo, the “Semi-reclusive wizard with a limited social life, Lyria Iliathor.”

Think you might like in on some of this action? Glad to hear it. I have set a date for the Patreon campaign to resume: May 1st, 2017.  I’ll be announcing its launch on both the Twitter feed and the MeatShield Facebook page.

See you next week!