608 – Dwarves can be Emo too, ya know

Note to observant and/or longtime readers: Yes, I did retcon Kilanio’s descriptor just a tad, from “City of Towers,” to “City of Seven Towers.” Why? Two reasons: 1) It sounds cooler this way, and 2) seven towers are a lot easier to draw than an entire city of them. 🙂 Besides, there’s already a City of Towers in the Eberron campaign setting.

Also, there were some comments recently about what game system MeatShield is modeled on. For the record: I don’t have any one game system in mind when I write the strip, although obviously D&D would be the frontrunner. However, it could just as easily be Dungeon World, Hero System or GURPS (Okay, maybe not GURPS). Jaine casts Fireballs because she came upon some bat guano (the material component for that spell) and cast it because it helped the story along. Story trumps (I hate using that word now) everything, including game system accuracy. That’s also why, although Ch’p is a monk, he’s not that good at healing and has never cast a clerical spell in his life.

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