543 – He LIKES me likes me?

This goes to show you that everyone can have an emotional blindspot at one time or another. Fun fact: I didn’t find out until long after I was happily married with children that a girl in high school that I thought was just a real good friend in fact had a crush on me. How do I know? Because I ran into her Christmas shopping one year and she told me so! I later asked my best friend if he knew about it and his response was, “Oh yeah, sure, it was obvious. Whatever happened with that, anyway?”

This brings up an interesting question: have you (or anyone you knew) had a character in a game fall in love with another character? If so, how did that go? I’m not talking about *ahem* intimate relations; I mean from an roleplaying standpoint, how did a romantic relationship between two characters (PC or NPC) play out?

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