542 – It’s lonely on the tundra

In other news… Philo has a vodka cellar? For the curious and/or nitpicky, Philo made more room by expanding into the mountain in front of which his fortress is set.

Well, it’s that time again: I’m going to be jumping back into the DM chair. This time around it’s going to be a homebrew world, taking bits and pieces of inspiration from Gamma World, S.M. Sterling’s Emberverse novels and the home campaign detailed by David Ewalt in his excellent book, “Of Dice and Men”. I don’t want to rush this one, though; I want to be as prepared as possible. I learned to my detriment a while back that I am not one of those DMs that can improv their way through a game, so I need as much background info as I can dredge out of my noggin. I’ll give you all more details once I present the world to my players (some of whom read this blog; no spoilers!)

What was your favorite homebrew world, and why?

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