475 – Bard for the win!

Oh, the sacrifices that Philo makes as an agent of the Elvish crown… 😉

I’ve obviously always had a soft spot in my heart for bards; often the butt of jokes in the gaming community, bards can actually be pretty fun to play. My wife ran one for the Eberron campaign I ran when I lived in Las Vegas and was perhaps one of the few people to have ever played a bard and actually been able to play not just one, not two, not three, but four instruments while at the game table (not all at once, though – the woman does have her limits); it helps that she has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in music. She had a blast running her halfling bard, a correspondent for the Korranberg Chronicle. Yes, I’m one of those extremely lucky gamers that managed to marry someone who shares my hobby, although I’m a bit more gung ho about it that she is; then again, I don’t have anywhere near the fascination with genealogy that she has.

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