437 – With their luck, he’ll grow an extra head instead.

I shared this on the MeatShield Facebook page earlier, but I thought it bore mentioning here too: What was black, white and red all over? As of 6:45PM Thursday night, my dog! When the family and I came home from from my belated birthday dinner at Buca di Beppo’s, Kathy and the girls went into the backyard and played fetch with Spotty while I went and fed my out-of-town sister’s fish and dogs. I was almost done when my daughter came tearing across the street saying “Dad! Come quick, it’s URGENT! Spotty’s bleeding!” Turns out he took a tiny chunk off of his ear by running really fast through the yard. At the time, we blamed the swing set – as of Friday, we now know it was a very old rose bush with really hard thorns. I got to find out that ear wounds bleed A LOT and that a dog’s instinct when their ears are cut is to shake their heads back and forth, spraying big globs of blood everywhere. My kitchen looked like a crime scene. The important thing is, he’s fine, they glued his wound closed and now Spotty must wear the Cone of Shame.



Have a good weekend, everybody!