436 – “…and that’s why I killed him, Your Honor.”

I have a question for the Group Mind (that’s you guys): I just wrapped up the first chapter in the Pathfinder Adventure path that I was running my group through and one of the Robs (there are three guys in this group named Rob, including me) volunteered to run a Dark Sun game to give me a breather as DM. However, he has decided to use a game system I hadn’t heard of before called Dungeon World. Dungeon World is a RPG that was funded through Kickstarter and seems to be a simplified version of D&D, except there are no initiative rolls, your character does a set dice amount of damage every time, regardless of weapon used (i.e. a dagger does the same damage as a greatsword in the hands of a fighter) and seems, on first glance, to be very heavy on improvisation and talking each scene through, which really doesn’t seem to fit a Dark Sun game to me (Dark Sun D&D games, to the uninitiated, tend to be kind of brutal). Have any of you played this game and what were your impressions of it? Bonus points if you played in a Dark Sun game in this manner.