373 – “Whaddayamean, he’s talkin’ about me?”

Like a lot of my fellow participants, I got a survey from Wizards of the Coast regarding the D&D Next Playtest. This one asked me to pick from about thirty choices which ten spells needed to be in D&D Next in order for it to “feel” like D&D. For every spell level and for both Wizard and Cleric. It was kind of tough to do; on the one hand, spells like Fireball and Cure Light Wounds need to be there, no question. On the other hand, do we need spells like Shillelagh and Guards and Wards?  What do you folks think need to be in the next iteration of the game in order for it to feel like D&D to you? Mind you, I didn’t say “What would be super awesome to have?” What  I mean is what would the game have to include to give you that unique D&D feel? Tasha’s Hideous Laughter? Wish? The Rod of Seven Parts? What do you think?

Have a good weekend, everyone,