358 – Don’t stop me if you’ve heard this one before…

This is kind of how I am whenever I hear any bit of news I find interesting, only to discover that my wife knew about if several hours (if not days) before.

I know I had mentioned going back to the strict Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule after June 1st. Obviously, that didn’t happen. As it stands right now, I will be doing my darnedest to put out three strips per week when the strips are finished. The thing I forgot about is that summer, particularly June, is a hugely busy time in our family: six birthdays, one anniversary (not mine), Father’s Day, and the annual visit from my in-laws (which, if I play my cards right, may parlay itself into my mother-in-law making her beef brisket. Mmmm… brisket.). Short story long, I’ll try to keep to the current schedule, and if there are any changes, I’ll let you all know.

I do have a favor to ask, though: If you like MeatShield and the antics of Dhur and the rest of the gang, let other folks know about it for me? Reddit, Boingboing, Facebook, Twitter, etc. would all be great places to put in a little plug for the strip. I feel funny doing it myself because it smacks too much to me of hucksterism, like “Hey, check out my stuff, see how awesome I am!” That, and I kind of stink at selling myself, which everyone and their brother has told me I need to be better at. Thanks, everyone. Your help means a lot to me.

Take care,