356 – Sentient artfiacts need hobbies, y’know?

It is now the first day of summer vacation for my girls, who have just finished second grade. For new readers, I have twins, so I ain’t skeered of nuthin’ no more. 😉  The oldest of the two was very upset that she will most likely never see her second grade teacher again, as her teacher was laid off due to the state-wide budget cuts here in California. I wish that it weren’t so, but it is. I grew up in Southern California and my extended family is all here (except my in-laws in Texas) but if it weren’t for that, my wife and I would give serious thought to moving somewhere else with better funded and less crowded schools, where the job situation was not as bleak (ha!) and where buying a house for less than $400K would not be an unreasonable idea.

Okay, I’m done rambling and complaining. See you all Friday!