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MeatShield chronicles the adventures of Dhur, a blissfully oblivious half-orc barbarian; Jaine, a half-elven bard graduate student; Ch’p, a halfling monk and pastry chef of the W’Shaa Monastery; Philonoth “Philo” Rhieune, arcane artificer and spy, and Becky Sourbottom, dwarven paladin of Morridin and caber-tossing champion, as they adventure across the fantasy world of Ardris.

Part One – The Legend Begins and Stuff: The saga of MeatShield begins as Dhur and Jaine journey to the Duchy of Nitsu’a and begin their adventuring careers. Click here to start reading!

Part Two – The Quest for the Scepter Thingie: Dhur and Jaine accept their first bona fide quest to rescue a prince and recover a powerful magical artifact, exploring more of Ardris in the process and meeting a new ally, Ch’p. Click here to start reading! 

Part Three – The Hunt for the Mystic Doo-Dads: Dhur, Jaine and Ch’p hunt for arcane artifacts to stop an ancient evil from escaping its extradimensional prison into Ardris, meeting Becky and Philo along the way. Click here to start reading!

Part Four – Into the Chasm of Night: The quintet follow a treasure map into the dreaded Chasm of Night! Click here to start reading!

Part Five – Planehopping: The Unnamed Royal Adventuring Company #47 find themselves on a strange journey through other dimensions! Click here to start reading! 

Part Six – The Empire of the Mithril Skulls: (Current storyline) Our heroes (minus Philo) return home to find years have gone by and a new threat is rearing its head. Click here to start reading!