Patreon Wall of Awesome

The Adventurer’s Wall of Awesome!

Glory. Honor. Endorsement deals. Many are the reasons a person will take up the mantle of “adventurer.” Those who do are commemorated here upon the Adventurer’s Wall of Awesome, a testament to their strength of character and generosity of spirit. That, and their desire to help MeatShield stick around by supporting it on Patreon. Anyone who contributes $1 or more per month to the MeatShield Patreon campaign will be recognized here, along with the class (read: donation level) that they chose. Doff your hats in respect and hoist a tankard to their selflessness!

(Names listed alphabetically)

Scott Bjerke (Barbarian)

BlackestDawn (Barbarian)

Theophrastus Bombastus (Barbarian)

Paul Cardeñas (Monk)

Crystal (Bard)

DarkWaterSong (Bard)

Foradain (Archmage)

Green Trickster (Barbarian)

Janessa R. (Bard)

Kevin Kirmse (Barbarian)

Robert M. Mitchell (Barbarian)

David Mitchell (Bard)

Scott Simpson (Bard)

Robert Streeter (Barbarian)