Still Sick

Hi Folks,

I am just now coming on the tail end of one of the worst flus I’ve ever had the misfortune to encounter. I *could* try to bang out a cartoon for today, but frankly, it will look horrible if I do. I think you guys are better served if I actually take a few more days to rest and recover and have a new cartoon for Monday. I feel like a wuss. 🙁

BTW, kids, this is why as a webcartoonist you should have a buffer built up, unlike myself.

One last thing. Kurt Sasso and Byron Wilkins (also of 1977 – The Comic) over at the TGT Webcomics podcast (Two Guys Talking Webcomics) is publishing a charity cookbook featuring recipes presented by several webcartoonists, including yours truly. The proceeds from this cookbook, called Webcomics: What’s Cooking? will go to the Canadian and American National Food Banks to help feed those in need. This will be the very first time MeatShield will have seen print and I’m very excited about it. For my contribution, Ch’p shares a recipe from the W’Shaa Cookbook of Light: Icebox Cookies! He also gets a little “help” from Dhur. Go check it out.

See you all on Monday – cartoon then, promise! in the meantime, take a look through the archives!