655 – YARRGH!

I really like how this one came out.:)

Well, folks, as much as I tried to work ahead (and I did – boy howdy, did I) and have comics ready to go while I was moving my family across the country, I didn’t quite hit the mark. So, after today, MeatShield will be on hiatus until July 6th. However, I will be posting The MeatShield Minute on the Patreon page from the road, so no worries there.

What’s The MeatShield Minute? Glad you asked. I recently re-worked the rewards tiers on the MeatShield Patreon page. Everyone who joins at the $5 level (or “Monk” level) gets access to a weekly 1-5 minute long vlog where I discuss D&D, comics, or anything that pops into my pretty little head. By the way, do the kids still use that word? “Vlog?” Is that still “hep?” 😉 Also, if that’s a bit much for you, everyone at the $2 level (“Bard” level) now gets one week early access to the latest MeatShield comic!

See you all in a few weeks from the Lone Star State!