643 – The lab is next to the rec room

Hmm, that coat looks familiar….

I’m thinking of restructuring the rewards tiers for the MeatShield Patreon membership. Here are the reward tiers as they stand now, with editorial comment afterwards:

  • $1.00 per month (Barbarian Level) – Access to the MeatShield Patreon Feed. I don’t think this needs to be changed too much, but I do need to post more on the feed itself other than “Hey, there’s a new Sneak Peek available!”
  • $2.00 per month (Bard Level) – Benefits include the above plus your name on the MeatShield Patreon Wall of Awesome. For an extra dollar a month, that does seem a bit weak.
  • $5.00 per month (Monk Level) – All of the above, plus access to the newest MeatShield comic one week early. I think this is a solid reward, but may be at a slightly higher price point than it needs to be.
    Then there’s a huge jump in price to…
  • $20.00 a month (Archmage Level) – You get all of the above plus after four consecutive pledges at this level, you get a cameo in a MeatShield strip. So far, two cameos have been done and I had a blast doing them. I don’t think this one needs to change in either reward or price.

Some rewards I’ve toyed with include getting a social media avatar with four consecutive pledges, access to live streaming me drawing on Twitch, etc. I’m open to any all suggestions. 🙂

Take care, everybody!