599 – MA!!!!

I’m really enjoying playing D&D again, after DMing for so long. Wanna hear about my character? SURE you do! 🙂 I’m running a Human Diviner named Elias Banrion (Elias from the Prophet Elias, Banrion from the Irish for Queen, as in Ellery Queen – here’s who that is). Elias  (Eli to his friends) is a fully licensed Inquisitive from the City of Sharn on Eberron who was transported, along with all the other PCs, to the Village of Barovia in the Ravenloft campaign setting. So far, it’s been awesome.

In the midst of writing the above paragraph, I received a call from my best friend. His mother passed away at 8:30AM on 10/24/16. Paul’s folks were always like second parents to me, so I kind of feel how I did when my Dad passed away over a year ago.

Take care, everyone.