597 – “You haven’t lived until you’ve read Shakespeare in its original Klingon”

I realized something earlier today:  Jaine is loaded with magic. She has the following:

  • The Verdant Mantle, which allows her to talk to animals and keeps her young (among other things);
  • Shondella’s Blessing of Connection, which allows her to understand any language (for the rules wonks out there, she has the Tongues spell cast on her along with a Permanence spell);
  • and not one but TWO Bags of Holding (those pouches on her belt), where she keeps most of the party’s gear.

I don’t think Jaine needs any more magic items for a while. If this were a real D&D game, I’d be accused of being a Monty Haul DM! 🙂 Yeesh!

The Patreon page will be going back up in a couple of weeks, as I need to retool and relaunch it, hopefully this time with a video and simplified tiers of patronage and rewards.

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