591 – Is this outfit machine washable?

So, what do you think of Ch’p’s new duds? His previous robes were the traditional robes worn by W’Shaa monks during their Fielding, the red and gold color scheme of which is then reversed for monks that remain in primary service to the monastery (i.e. non-adventuring monks). For the monks that are also adventurers? They can wear anything they darn well want! 🙂

Oh, and to address the questions and discussions from last week about the history of Dhur’s literacy: Dhur has been functionally illiterate this entire time, since day one. However, he has managed to learn a few tricks here and there to get by, which is common for a lot of folks that struggle with illiteracy in the real world (and I am in no way way ridiculing them). If you’d like to help kids in their fight with illiteracy and growing their creativity, go check out 826LA, a non-profit that encourages creative writing and reading in the Los Angeles area. They also run the Time Traveler’s Mart, the sales from which go towards 826LA – I’ll see you there yesterday 😉 . There are chapters of 826 in several cities in the US, check out the 826 national website for more info.

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