578 – There’s Gold in them there Ice Chunks!

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And now, in a continuing service, an entry from the Encyclopedia Ardrisia.

Primordial Elements

Terr. Aer. Fajr. Aquo. These are the names of the Inner Planes, each corresponding to a classical element (earth, air, fire and water, respectively). In isolated areas of each one of these planes (and their affiliated quasi-planes such as Ashfrakseno, Voerhal, Laforni, and Vapistor, to name a few), there are small naturally occurring deposits of matter that embody the primordial essence of that plane. These primordial elements maintain a constant link with their plane of origin and are extraordinarily rare. They are most commonly sought out as components for powerful spells, although they also have their mundane uses.
• Primordial fire cannot be extinguished by any means and will burn through all but the sturdiest materials.
• Primordial earth can be used in farming, making fields incredibly fertile or as a component in building nigh-impregnable structures like forts, castles and convenience stores;
• Bottles of primordial air or water can be used as constantly replenishing supplies of air or water, respectively.
Likewise, primordial ice will never melt and will freeze all but the most insulated of materials, while primordial lightning is an artificer’s joy, providing power for their contraptions that circumvents magic altogether.

There have been rumors for centuries that a fifth Inner Plane, called the Plane of Heart, exists. This concept is often (and quite rightly) scoffed at by the world of Academia, including the High Dean of Kilanio University, who proclaimed the idea to be “lame.”

The Encyclopedia Ardrisia , volume 21 (Owlbadger to Psuedomen), Kilanio University Press, 48th edition.