572 – The boys (and girls) are back in town!

Ahh, yes, Scrybl, the City of Shortcuts, how I’ve missed you.

I’m back from the land of influenza! I haven’t had the flu as bad as I just did in YEARS. Yech!

I had some fun with the architecture in this one. Since Scrybl is an interdimensional city, with creatures from all planes of existence walking its streets, it only makes sense that there be no one unifying “look” to the city. Brownstones can easily exist side-by-side with buildings made from what looks rainbow sherbet, and so on.

Since my schedule got so out of whack, we’re going to reset it: New strips will preview on the Patreon site on Sundays and Wednesdays, then go live on the main MeatShield site on Mondays and Thursdays. Sound good? Sure it does! 🙂

Take care,