564 – Intentional Food Poisoning

Just in case you don’t feel like slogging through 560+ blog posts to find it, here is the definition of a W’Shaa Fielding:

Once a W’Shaa monk reaches the age of 20, he or she is sent out into the world on what is called “Fielding,” where they are to learn all they can of the outside world, battle evil where it is found, and discover new recipes for the W’Shaa Cookbook of Light. Most usually return with tales of thwarting the undead, rampaging orc hordes or truly horrible ginger snaps that needed to be not burned but rather exorcised. The most famous of the W’Shaa, Amos, disappeared several years ago. It is believed that he will come again someday to stand against the darkness with his trusty staff of power and his macadamia nut caramel bars. May we all live to see the day.

That’s all for now, see you Friday!