535 – Failed Spot Check

I’ve often seen Dhur as the kind of character made by someone who’s new to gaming and doesn’t understand how to allocate skills.

DM: Are you absolutely sure you want to devote your last three skill points to Craft (needlepoint)?
Player: I love needlepoint, yes!
DM: Even though you’re going to be playing a Ranger and you have no skill points in Survival, Search or Spot and only two in Animal Handling?
Player: Umm, my guy doesn’t like animals, they’re smelly.
DM: *sigh* OK, Good luck to you…

On another note, yesterday was my birthday. Happy birthday as well to Geddy Lee, Martina McBride and Wil Wheaton. As Wil recently said, we’re survived another lap around the sun!
Take care,