524 – Was it her breath?

“But Rob,” I hear you think, “I’ve run paladins before that have gone to the Outer Planes and they didn’t attract any more attention than the attention they brought upon themselves. What gives?”

Patience, Grasshopper. There is a reason 🙂

In other news, this is the first strip to be drawn, inked and colored 100% using an app called Astropad. A lot has been written about it, so I’ll be brief: it lets me use my iPad like a Cintiq, mirroring whatever is running on my laptop. This enables me to draw right on the screen instead of on a tablet that causes that whole hand-eye disconnect hurdle that I usually have to deal with. It’s only available for the iPad and the Mac, but the price is right compared to even a used Cintiq and the developers are super-nice and responsive to any problems. There’s a trial version available from their website and I heartily recommend it to anyone else who, like me, was pining for the chance to draw more naturally with their computers.

That’s all for now! See you next week!