504 – Pedicures ain’t cheap, either!

It’s a  funny thing: when I have family from out of town visiting, I somehow become more productive, not less. My in-laws recently visited us from Texas and while they were here, I managed to finish 98% of the second MeatShield book, Against the Gravel Giants. The only thing left to do – the only thing preventing this book from being your hands, is one task: the freaking cover. I have some sort of weird artist’s block regarding it, because I want it to look a) great and b) evocative of the contents of the book. I shall struggle on, never fear.

Speaking of content in Book Two, here’s what you’ll get in it, besides a whole buncha cartoons:

  • Several entries from the Encyclopedia Ardrisia, covering everything from ghosts to chimera hounds!
  • Becky Sourbottom’s Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe-style dossier!
  • Full Pathfinder ™ game stats for all four members of the Unnamed Royal Adventuring Company #47 (Philo will have to wait for Book Three)!
  • A new and fancier map of the world of Ardris!
  • The Gods of Ardris – not seen on the website at all!

Is there anything that you would like to see in Book Two that’s not listed? Let me know in the comments!

I’m hoping to have this sucker ready to go by the end of the month at the latest.

Take care, everyone!