500 – Scrybl

And now, a special guest blog post from Kathy, Rob’s wife.

As you may have noticed, this is Rob’s 500th strip.  As it happens, it’s also the 5-year anniversary of Meatshield.  Both are pretty significant accomplishments!  Rob has worked hard to make Meatshield what it is today.  He has developed likeable characters, engaging storylines, and clever dialogue.  I have to say, I’m pretty proud of him.

So, in celebration of strip #500, I’d like to ask a favor of all of Meatshield’s loyal readers.  Leave a comment and let us know your favorite thing about Meatshield.  I’m particularly fond of Jaine myself, as not only do I see bits and pieces of myself in her (the good bits, naturally!), but also because she is such a strong female character.

Thank you for your patience, your continued support, and your shared enjoyment of Meatshield.  It really means a lot to Rob to see how much you enjoy and relate to his characters.

Happy Anniversary, Meatshield! 🙂

~ Kathy