498 – Vorp Redux

Yes, my go-to sound effect for trans-dimensional travel is VORP.

My copy of the new Player’s Handbook arrived the other day and I have to say, overall, it looks SOOOOOOO much easier to play than 4th Edition. The system itself seems solid and easy to play out of the box, which could not be said of 4th Edition. Now, as an art major, I also have to say this: this book is SO pretty, and I don’t mean that sarcastically! The art direction team deserves many kudos for this book (except for the gnome entry – you’ll see what I mean).

The only bad thing I’ll say about the new D&D is this: it didn’t come out in time for my new campaign, so I was forced to use the 3.5 rules instead. My seven players (7!) confronted Karrnathi war zombies and horrid rats on an mysterious isle in the Lhazaar Principalities of the Eberron campaign setting. This group is especially interesting as I have 3 players who have never played any RPGs before, one of whom includes my sister! Maybe at some point I can transition them to the new edition, but in the meantime, it’s almost time for them to kick some pirate butt and figure out how to get home. Rest assured, no mist monsters or polar bears will be involved.

Take care,