453 – Pit Trap!

My hand is better now, although still not 100%. Fortunately, I’ve now finished all the wands for our Halloween costumes. Anyway, I figured you folks would like to see what I darned neared ruined my hands making. Presenting the Wand of The Mighty Rob:

13 inches long, mesquite with sasquatch hair core, somewhat flexible.

You can’t tell because of the light I used, but there is scrollwork on the handle. Also, bear in mind that this thing started out as a mesquite branch about 1 3/4 inches in diameter, which I managed to whittle down to the toothpick you see above. I made a wand for my wife’s costume also; she has decided that her wand’s Ollivander-style description is as follows: 11.5 inches long, mesquite with jackalope hair core, slightly rigid. God, I love that woman. 🙂

Take care,