450 – “It has DEATH in the name!!”

This is something that has always stuck in my craw about MMORPGs. Whenever you make a character on, let’s say Warcraft, you always end up doing these little quests for non-player characters who ask you to go kill 17 zombies or whatever. These zombies that you have been asked to go kill to preserve the human or orcish way of life are prowling around roughly 5 feet away from where the non-player character is standing – and the NPC never moves from that spot! Now I understand why these kinds of quests exist, from a mechanical perspective. They are small quests to get your character experience points so that you can level up in a really quick period of time. However, they don’t make much sense from a role-playing standpoint. Let’s say that a bunch of orcs have set fire to your vineyard. Now, would you go into said vineyard and try to fight off the orcs yourself, or would you simply stand on the outskirts of that vineyard and wait patiently for a hero to come and kill the orcs for you? Because, let me tell you, Milly is never getting that vineyard back. Just ain’t happening.

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