402 – “Well, I’m not MOST people!”

Well, that’s that. Becky’s a paladin. Kinda.

A commenter from the previous strip named Norman mentioned Steve Weber’s Oath of Swords books. Well, waaaaaaaay back when the world of Ardris was just my campaign world, I initially modeled a good deal of my world on Norfressa, the fantasy world in which Mr. Weber set his story. Didn’t have Hradhani in it, though; just the standard D&D races. Weber’s first two fantasy books in this world, Oath of Swords and The War God’s Own are great reads, but the following two, Wind Rider’s Oath and War Maid’s Choice, didn’t quite do it for me. They felt rushed, especially the fourth book. I’m just holding out until Brandark finally gets his ship (because, c’mon, that’s where he’s headed, IMHO.)

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