390 – “Like unto a fist of iron!”

When I was a young comics geek, one of my favorite comic books was a second-tier book put out by Marvel called Power Man & Iron Fist, which was unique in that the title characters ran a business called Heroes for Hire. Need a hero? Give ’em a call. Nowadays, Power Man is better known as Luke Cage, but I always identified with Danny Rand, a.k.a. Iron Fist. He was a guy who had been raised in the mystical city of K’un L’un and became a master of the martial arts. While there, he gained the power of the Iron Fist, where he could channel the power of his chi into his fist, making it (as the caption invariably stated) “like unto a thing of Iron!”, making his punch powerful enough to knock the Hulk on his butt. Looking back, I can see how a lot of how Ch’p acts and reacts to things isn’t much different than how Iron Fist would, as he was also somewhat naive in the ways of the world.

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