384 – Orcish Lockpick

Still trying to get things sorted out here at Chez Chambers. Ended up only posting one strip last week because I could not for the life of me find my scripts notebook. Y’know, the thing that tells me what I planned for everyone to say and do in each strip? Yeah, that thing. Slowly getting back on track, I hope.

Also, someone had asked what the status was on the psycho with the guns near my kids’ school. He and his father were charged with possession of an illegal firearm (for you firearms aficionados, it was a  H&K M-94) and made bail. The last I heard, their house was vacant and a restraining order was attained by both school districts involved. In that articled I just linked to, there is mention made of Yee signing a lease for an apartment in New York. Other than that, things have settled down.

Finally, you may be wondering, “Why does Jaine have Dhur’s axe?” It’s kind of like when Sheriff Andy Taylor would give Barney a gun but hang onto the bullet for it – it’s to keep him from hurting himself or making things much much worse. 😉

Take care,