382 – What kinds of perfume do thugs wear, anyway?

UPDATE 9/18/12:  I was going to get the next cartoon drawn today after I came home from dropping my kids off at school. When I got to their school, there was a TV News van there interviewing the principal. When I got home, I had an email waiting for me from the principal. I then discovered that some psychopath had made threats in a blog against my kids’ school, saying that he wouldn’t mind murdering a bunch of kids and that it would be  like the Aurora shootings. They arrested the man and found a cache of automatic weapons in his home that he shared with his parents. My girls are fine and the school is on lock-down as a safety precaution. However, I don’t feel much like dispensing with the funny pictures today. Maybe tomorrow. Here is the story in case you’re interested. I hope you all understand. Thanks.


My wife pointed out to me that, as of today, we are starting day 1 of MeatShield Year 4, not Year 3. Oh well, you all knew what I meant. 🙂

So, lots of talking-talking-talking in this one. Don’t worry, things are about to get…. interesting. 🙂

Take care,