375 – CSI: Westhame

Too bad I couldn’t have Jaine wear sunglasses and toss off a pun about the crime scene, followed by a Roger Daltrey “YEAAAAAAAH!”.

Some of you might remember that I was interviewed for the TGT (Two Guys Talking) WEbcomics podcast, run by Kurt Sasso. What you may not know is that every quarter or so (I think), Kurt stages the TGT Tournament, where the listeners vote for their favorite episodes a la March Madness brackets. This time around, my interview is in the tournament! So, go here and vote for both my episode and, if you’ll be so kind, vote also for Amy Letts’ episode, on account of she’s cool and is a frequent commenter on my strip. You can vote once every hour. Vote Early, vote often. I think there’s some sort of prize attached to all this, so that would be awesome. While you’re there, why not give my interview a listen and find out how I embarrassed myself at age 15 in front of Jack “the King” Kirby?

See you all next week!