366 – Foresight… or something like that.

One of the problems with having ADHD is that when there is a great deal of noise in a room, I can’t seem to write easily. Unless it’s writing about ADHD,  I guess. My kids are watching The Cat In The Hat Knows A Lot About That on PBS and between their laughing and Martin Short’s over-the-top vocal performance as The Cat, I have had to stop and restart writing this blog pots four times now, until I remembered that I have a link to a YouTube 24-hours long clip of the USS Enterprise’s engine noise. Very good white noise for me and now I can think. For a while anyway.

WEIGHT UPDATE: As I mentioned last week, my wife and started the “Choose to Lose” diet and exercise program used by Chris Powell of Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss edition. This past Saturday was our second official weigh-in. Here’s how I did:

CURRENT WEIGHT: 279.0 lbs.
WEIGHT LOST: -5.8 lbs.

See you all Wednesday!