364 – Oh, and by the way…

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One of the things about family: no matter how much you may love each other, it can be really satisfying to throw a zinger their way every once in a while.


WEIGHT UPDATE: Saturday before last, my wife and started the “Choose to Lose” diet and exercise program used by Chris Powell of Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss edition. This past Saturday was our first official weigh-in. Here’s how I did:

CURRENT WEIGHT: 281.6 lbs.

Now, I know that a good deal of that is water weight, but I want to lose this slowly, so as to give my skin time to recover and not get all baggy to where I’d need to to have skin removal surgery like the people on the aforementioned show. I realize that’s kind of like worrying that you’re going to be a concert pianist after one lesson, but there you go.

Take care,