354 – Even über-powerful artifacts have feelings, y’know.

Anyone who’s been reading the strip or digging through the archives will know that Jaine has what is essentially an iPhone, called an iOun in the strip (referring to a little bit of D&D lore). I, on the other hand, do not own an iPhone, even though my first computer was a Mac Color Classic and I have owned 4 Macs in my lifetime and in general I love most of Apple’s products (except for the crap that came out when Gil Amelio was in charge of the company). I don’t have an iPhone because I have never been able to afford the freakishly expensive plans for iPhones that the major carriers charge. My cellphone needs have been met by various handsets from Virgin Mobile, who are a decent company with a good pricepoint and coverage, even if their marketing is not quite aimed at my demographic.

This past week, Virgin Mobile announced that they will be offering the iPhone 4S on their network, one of the first no-contract companies to do so. “Great!”, I said. Then I saw the price. Jeebus! $549!!!!!!! It’s almost like Virgin Mobile is teasing me:

“Hey, Mac Fanboy, ya want an iPhone on the Virgin Mobile network?”
“Boy, would I!”
“Goood, gooooooooooood. (evil hand-wringing) Here’s what you’ll have to pay…. you aren’t attached to your soul by any chance, are you?”
“Umm, I think I’m still using it, sir…”

Sorry. Just wanted to vent a bit. Anyone have an extra $549 laying around that they don’t need? 😉  Yeah, me neither.