348 – The Price

Just a quick note: if you didn’t already know about it (not likely with this group :)), Wizards of the Coast just opened their public playtest for the next iteration of the Dungeons and Dragons rules. Go here to sign up. I’ve only had a few moments to skim the rules, but it looks… interesting. I’m going into this knowing that the rules will change and that this is not the final version, but so far it looks and feels more like a simplified version of 3.0 with a smattering of AD&D and 2nd Ed. thrown in for good measure. You’d think that would result in a mess, but so far, it looks pretty clean. I don’t think I’m allowed to go into any more detail due to the NDA, but go give it a look. What else were you going to do today, work? 😉

Here’s a question for Wizards, though: once this thing is finished and we have a 5th edition, will they make 4th Edition Open Source like they did with 3.5? Would it be worth it, both to them and us, the gaming public? Food for thought.

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