333 – “So, you’ve heard of it?”

So far, here are the results to my informal poll on the possibility of a 5th party member:

    Some sort of rogue, possibly a gnome or a kobold
    An arcane caster or some other kind of arcane class, like artificer, mage or sorceror
    A psionic character of some sort
    A divine character, such as a cleric or paladin
    Something non-standard, like a monster as a PC (kind of do already with Vorpal)
    A ranger (my class of choice when playing)

Still mulling this over and it may not happen right away, but the overall message seems to be: we need a caster of some sort, as Jaine’s been having to do double and triple duty as mage, thief, and bard. Any other suggestions? Leave a comment below!

See you Friday!