331 – Did I say that out loud?

Poor, poor Ch’p. Lucky in looting treasure rooms, unlucky in love.

Someone pointed out that Ch’p must be pretty loaded with all the loot that Ch’p dragged out of Borloth’s keep. Something that you need to keep in mind: Ch’p grew up in a monastery where money was never used – the W’Shaa bartered for whatever they needed. Thus, Ch’p never had the same love of money that his half-brother, Day’l, developed and doesn’t quite know how much things should cost, so when they stopped to buy supplies in the little podunk towns on the way to Val’Dhar, Ch’p kind of… overspent a bit.

It’s kind of like that scene in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (known to non-Trek fans as “that one with the whales”) where Kirk and Spock go hock the antique glasses that McCoy gave Kirk so they would have spending money in the 20th Century. The antique dealer offers Kirk $100 and Kirk responds with a brief blank stare and then asks “Is that a lot?” it’s like that.

Next week, a banquet awaits! Take care, everybody!