327 – Samilleve

And now, in a continuing service, an entry from the Encyclopedia Ardrisia:


Samilleve (SAM-ull-EV), the capitol city of Val’Dhar, is a city of soaring towers and minarets, natural splendor, and ruthless politics. Since the average elf lives for roughly 400 years and rarely leaves the walls of their pastel-colored domain, a certain amount of backbiting is inevitable. This manifests in political maneuvering and marriages of convenience, such as the recent marriage of Archmage Noral’lasstas d’Vallis to his second wife, Sorathassa, a daughter of  the highly influential Venlan family.

While the political gamesmanship of the fair folk is nowhere near on par with the cutthroat, murderous politics practiced by their darker cousins, the drow, the elves of Samilleve have been known to come to blows with each other over whose son or daughter gets to be on the Subcommittee For The Redecoration Of The Junior Custodian’s Office Foyer this year. However, since most of the elves at this level of society have all the physical strength of a somewhat sickly 7-year old human girl, these “blows” are more for show than anything else.

Samilleve boasts one of the best arcane universities in central Ardris, The Tavanarcolis, whose graduates are required by Val’Dharran law to serve 25 years as War Magi, supplementing the efforts of Val’Dhar’s defense forces. It also has a musical academy that boasted, at one time, the daughter of the current Archmage (the aforementioned Noral’lasstas) as a student.

The Encyclopedia Ardrisia , volume 40 (Saaro the Misplaced to Sanguine River), Kilanio University Press, 48th edition.