310 – We need to talk about your place in the organization

EDIT: Jeff, a frequent commenter, recently put  Scepter Thingie on Goodreads.com, as you’ll read in the comments below. Thanks, Jeff! Here’s the link to GoodReads!

Did you know that today roughly marks my two-and-a- half year anniversary drawing MeatShield? Me either! I found that out when I updated my LinkedIn profile and it asked me how long I had been at my current job, which is drawing MeatShield, and they calculated it as being 2 1/2 years. Interesting, no?

I have a question for you all: what would you think of me making The Quest For the Scepter Thingie available as an e-book? I’m just starting to explore that idea and researching what would be involved. There would be all the same content as in the print version, alhtough since it wouldn’t be a print version, it could be in color, since pixels is cheap.:) Let me know what you all think.