304 – “The poisoned spikes are a nice touch, though.”

I went looking around the net for trap ideas for this strip and boy howdy, are there a LOT of ideas for RPG traps out there! It was kind of awe-inspiring, in its own way. They gave me some good ideas for when I start back up GMing in two weeks. I had been playing a half-elf battlemind named Kevon d’Medani, which looks like a cool name when you write it down. Then someone else says it out loud.

“Who’s your guy, Rob?”

“Kevon d”Medani, a Medani Trueseer and half-elf battlemind.” (NOTE: Kevon was pronounced by me as Kev-ONN)

“You mean… Kevin? Your guy is named ‘Kevin’?”

“No… he’s Kev-ONN… he’s… but… *grumble*.  Fine. He’s named Kevin.”

Next time I get to play (which won’t be for quite a while) I will do two things:

  1. Come up with a better name. This goes without saying. I may go all Welsh and make it nothing but consonants and the letter “y”.
  2. NOT run a Psionic character. I’ve tried running a psionic character in three different campaigns, and have never enjoyed it as much as I thought I would. So, sad to say, but never again will I run a master of the mind. I’m thinking of running an Avenger, if for nothing else than the chance to utter this battlecry: “AVENGER ASSEMBLE!”

OK, I’m done rambling. See you all later!