297 – China Shop, meet Bull

UPDATE – 12/21/11 – Man, I thought I’d get more done than I did before I left town for Christmas, but I didn’t. Mea Culpa. 🙁  I just wanted to post a quick note to tell all of you Happy Holidays, whatever holiday that might be for you, and thanks for reading. I also have one request: if you like MeatShield and want to see it grow, post on Facebook about it, Tweet a link to the site, put up a forum post on whatever forums you post to anyway; essentially let people know about my little corner of the Interwebs. I’d consider it my Christmas present. 🙂 Thanks, and see you all in the New Year! New cartoons on January 9th, 2012!

~Rob Chambers

Few things hurt as bad as having the nerve in a cracked tooth get irritated and swollen. The only thing worse is watching someone you love go through it and be powerless to do anything about it. So, that’s why there was no new strip yesterday. She’s OK now, for the most part, although we have to wait until we get back from Texas to get it fixed for good.

Just a reminder, folks, that MeatShield will be going on hiatus until January 9th, starting tomorrow afternoon. I’ll save the big holiday well-wishing for then.