293 – System updating…


After getting through one of the worst colds I’ve ever had as an adult last week and this week with the flu or stomach bug or whatever it was (I could give you the details, but you really don’t want to know), I’m about done with being sick. Just thought I’d share that with you all.

I plan on having three comics up this week, but due to my having been sick, they may go up at odd times and not on the standard M-W-F schedule. I was reading a blog post the other day by Krishna Sadasivam at PC Weenies (another brilliant webcomic), where he has essentially forgone scheduled updates in favor of a set number of strips per week. My question to you all is, what do you think of this? I haven’t committed to the idea yet, but the notion of not beating myself up every time I’m sick or miss a deadline by half an hour is appealing to me. Chime in with your opinions in the comments, if you would. 🙂

Two final notes for you all:

  1. First, the 25% sale at Lulu is still going strong, but will only last until December 14th, which is just over a week from now. Just enter BUYMYBOOK305 at checkout and you’ll be aces.
  2. This year, I and my family will be making the biannual pilgrimage to the Lone Star State for Christmas (I’m a Texan by marriage :)), so that means that there will be a hiatus on new comics from December 21st until I get back, which will be January 9th. Thanks for understanding.

That ought to do it for me. Take care!