289 – So, did I miss anything while I was out?

Just in case you missed the news on Wednesday, the very first MeatShield book is now available at Lulu.com! Just click on the banner ad above to get your very own copy! Perhaps buy two copies – one to read, one to put into a protective Mylar bag to preserve for the ages as a collectible investment! Who knows? Stranger things have happened.

Speaking of the above banner ad, I have never ever pretended to have any great skill with website design and/or coding. What I managed to learn in putting this site together, I have almost immediately forgotten. It’s kind of like when you cram for a test in college; once the immediate stress of passing the test is over with, all that info you memorized goes bye-bye. So, when it came time to replace the normal banner ad with an ad for my book, I was at a loss and put out a TroubleAlert (Kids, ask your parents) for some WordPress help. Lo and behold, my plea for help was heard by Koji Flowers at Big Cloud Media, who was WAAAAY more patient than I would have been with me in getting my code updated. So, please, show a brother some love and if you need any website work done, drop him a line.

Long blog post today, and it ain’t over yet 🙂 The Washington Post is conducting an open call for the Best Webcomics of 2011. I have no idea if I have any kind of a shot at this, but if one of you folks were to *cough* nominate me *cough* , I would be very grateful and humble and stuff. It requires you to log in to the Washington Post’s site, but that’s free. Thanks and remember, vote early, vote often. 🙂

Once last thing: due to the Thanksgiving holiday here in the U.S., there won’t be a strip next Friday, as I will be recovering from an L-tryptophan-induced coma. Just an FYI.

Phew! That ought to do it! See you all on Monday!