267 – Who’s a cute lil’ face-eater? You are!

UPDATE: The Foglios were unable to make the interview, probably due to time constraints. Hopefully, I’ll get to be in on that interview as well.

Just a quick plug: Today (Wednesday 9/28/11) at 7:00PM Eastern Time (4:00pm for those of us on the west coast) I will be co-hosting an episode of TGT Webcomics with Kurt Sasso, who interviewed me a while back. Tonight, we will be interviewing Phil and Kaja Foglio of Girl Genius fame! You can listen to the interview LIVE at Talkshoe.com and submit any questions you might have for Phil and Kaja via chat! I’m really really looking forward to this, as Phil Foglio has been a HUGE influence on me from waaay back in his time doing”What’s New with Phil and Dixie,” in Dragon Magazine! Come on by!