256 – I’m pretty sure I know what you’re talking about

Although it’s been going for a few days now, I thought I’d bring your attention to a worthy project. Dave Kellett, creator of the awesome all-ages comic Sheldon, has spent the past year filming a documentary called STRIPPED, with interviews with cartoonists all over the country. STRIPPED explores the role of the cartoonist in the digital age, where newspapers, the traditional arena for comic strips, have been dying left and right (I can speak to that from personal experience).

However, Dave needs some help getting his film finished. They’re in the home stretch and are in what’s called post production, which can get costly. Please help out by donating to their Kickstarter fund.

A $25 donation earns you a free DVD of the documentary, while if you wanted to contribute more, there are nifty rewards Dave has in store for you! Go donate now. Help tell the story.

Thanks. See you all on Monday!