207 – Where do you pick up the tram at?


A while back, I had a contest where I asked you all why Blue-Hand Troll’s hand was blue. The winner would get a free black-and-white sketch. I got a ton of great responses, and chose a winner, along with some honorable mentions.

Then Real Life intervened and I kinda put drawing those sketches to the back burner. But no longer!! Grimlock13, your sketch is DONE. As for the rest of you, your sketches will be completed over the weekend and I hope to have everything mailed off by Wednesday. I would have mailed Grim’s sketch yesterday, but I forgot that it was the day before Tax Filing Day in the U.S. The cars were lined up at my post office around the block! Sooooo, a little delay there.

BTW, in case your guys haven’t heard it yet, the podcast I did with Kurt Sasso of TGT Webcomics has spoilers (!) at the end of the podcast. See, now you have to download it ! Go to iTunes and download episode #159 to your iOun!

Or listen right here!

See you all on Monday!